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Case study: Meituan: Finding business clarity

This case study outlines the initial strategic, business and operational challenges that Meituan, one of the largest tech platform companies in China, experienced when it first started and how it navigated turbulent times and built up its moat.

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Meituan has evolved their business models multiple times, navigated a cut throat business environment and (still) managed complicated terrains to become one of the largest tech companies in China.

Meituan started with the popular group buy business in 2011. Even Groupon, the Rocket Internet giant, entered the foray. How did Meituan survive the war of the thousand group buy?

Why did Meituan move into the food delivery space despite not having the in-depth knowledge?

Discuss the following questions relating to the case study:

(a) When to persist (not change); and when to change (enter new business lines)?

(b) How to build and sharpen your core competencies?

(c) How to align organisation, people and product with the leadership to achieve strong execution?

Industries are evolving fast. Competition is no longer who we think they are. Is your company innovating right, operating right and running in the right direction?

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