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Simulation: A great product alone is not enough to scale your business

Momentum Academy leverages the latest insights from industry leaders to develop a simulation for decision makers seeking to understand how they can scale and defend their business after developing their flagship product(s).

Based on our “Who is Shopee” , “Who is Axie Infinity” , “Who is Nubank” and “Meituan: Finding business clarity” reports, we highlight to participants the successes of companies that used their products effectively, and failures of companies that missed the opportunities.

Our program covers some examples of how a company can build a strong moat, how a company can take advantage when it is riding a wave, and what it should do before the tide recedes.

Ultimately, a product does not define the failure or success of a company.

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Some snippets from our simulation:

Axie Infinity was one of the first crypto games to achieve notoriety, offering a mix of NFTs and Pokemon-like battle pets that can be sold for crypto.

At its peak, Axie Infinity had 2.7 million daily active users; it had a passionate and devoted community. Its revenue in 2021 was US$1.3 billion.

But a great product alone is not sustainable.

After its peak in 2021, it had been losing players and was exposed to a large hack.

Axie Infinity is trying new initiatives to revitalise its business -is it sustainable?

There are many learnings from longer term companies on building the ecosystem or using technology to create best in class customer experience.

If you are interested in this simulation, reach out to us at:

How can we help? 

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