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Simulation: Scale your profits through the right business model.

Momentum Academy leverages the latest insights from industry leaders to develop a simulation for decision makers seeking to understand how to scale profit in an industry that is overflowing with competitors.

Based on our “Bubble tea in Southeast Asia” and “Food Delivery platforms in South East Asia” reports, we will use the insights to guide participants to understand the different types of business models for retail brands.

The program includes activities designed to help participants learn about building a brand, customer experience, marketing strategies, operations management and ultimately the path to profitability.

Using real case studies of companies such as Mixue, Luckin Coffee, Starbucks, Heytea, Nayuki, Grab, and Foodpanda, participants will develop practical skills and knowledge that can be applied to real-world business situations in any retail facing industry.

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Some snippets from our simulation:

Understanding what is a red ocean, how an industry can be cut throat competitive and why companies still want to go into this field:

How does a company achieve profitability?

And how does a company scale efficiently?

If you are interested in this simulation, reach out to us at:

How can we help? 

Leave us your information, and we'll get in touch.

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