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Simulation: Scaling your ecommerce startup

Momentum Academy runs bespoke 2-5 days simulations focused on building and scaling an ecommerce company. Through the programme, participants are given insights on the fiercely competitive ecommerce landscape, as well as the strategies employed by companies, as well as the successes and failures of the key ecommerce players.

The simulation involves a range of activities, including product development, operations management, partnership building, and marketing initiatives, to provide a hands-on experience of the unique opportunities and challenges of a tech company.

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Some snippets from our simulation:

Strategy: How do you react when a major competitor such as Alibaba enters your industry, what is the best course of action for your company's strategic response?

Organisation: In times of economic downturn, how can you strike a balance between productivity and headcount costs within your organisation?

Investment: How do you maintain positive cash flow in the light of an emerging crisis? What steps do you take?

If you are interested in this simulation, reach out to us at:

How can we help? 

Leave us your information, and we'll get in touch.

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