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Ecommerce: Behind SHEIN's doors

In 2022, SHEIN was valued at $100 billion in a funding round, making it the 3rd most valued unicorn in the world, just after ByteDance and SpaceX.

Understand the market logic behind SHEIN's success and the global trends driving innovations in cross-border ecommerce.

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This briefing will cover the following topics:

- Market logic and evolution of SHEIN: How did SHEIN go from ‘growing too slowly’ (in the eyes of all VCs) to a $100 billion valuation? Why did many cross-border competitors, who seemed to fare better than SHEIN, eventually collapse?

- History and trends in cross-border ecommerce beyond fast fashion: How has cross-border ecommerce from China evolved in recent years?

- Outlook for the future: What can we expect from the cross-border ecommerce sector over the next few years? What can you do to take advantage of these learnings?

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