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Ecommerce: The Indonesian ecosystem

Gain a deeper understanding of Indonesia's ecommerce ecosystem by learning about the major players in the industry, the rapidly evolving landscape of digital payments, the ongoing evolution of ecommerce logistics, and the growth of cross-border and social commerce.

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In this briefing, we will highlight:

- An overview of the digital payments landscape - top contenders for e-wallets and the leaders among them, The rise of ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’, player dynamics, and perspectives on what’s next for payments;

- Evolution of ecommerce logistics, top contenders for last mile delivery players, enablers, lessons from China (incl. Alibaba, Baozun) and what’s next for these two industries;

- The rise of social commerce players in Indonesia, group buying and reselling, the case of going offline, the delicate balancing act of content, social and commerce, lessons from China (Duoduomaicai, Pinduoduo, Xinsheng, Didi, Meituan)

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