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Frontier Tech: Introduction into Web3, blockchain, NFTs and more

Discover the world of Web3 as we delve into its emergence, use cases, and recent global trends in the Web3 world. How did we get here? One by one, we are all moving into the decentralised future? How will our lives change with the benefits of Web3? How will its new iteration shape the future of our global economy? Where will a read-write-own world take us to?

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The briefing will give you insights on:

- Reasons behind the emergence of Web3, use cases of web3 as well as recent global trends in the Web3 world

- Background and History of Web3 – Why did Web3 happen in the first place?
Use cases of Web3 – What is so great about Animoca, NFTs and Metaverse, GameFi? Are they beautiful “ponzi” schemes and why do so many people embrace it ?

- Latest happenings in Web3 world – Luna, Bitcoin, StepN, and any new happenings between now and then - what does this mean to you?

- What’s next – How can you be a part of Web3?

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