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Meituan finding business clarity

Meituan is one of the top 2nd generation giants (alongside ByteDance and Pinduoduo) in China today. It has evolved their business models multiple times, navigating a cut throat business environment and managing complicated terrains to be one of the largest tech companies in China.

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This briefing focuses on how leaders find clarity in pivotal and challenging times.

We link learnings from Meituan back to today’s organisations, answering the questions:

- When to persist (not change); and when to change (enter new business lines)?

- How to build and sharpen your core competencies?

- How to align organisation, people and product with the leadership to achieve strong execution?

The competition is no longer who you once thought they were. As a result, we need to evaluate whether we are innovating effectively, operating efficiently, and moving in the right direction.

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