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Business Leadership Immersion: China

About the programme

The programme is suitable for businesses that want to better understand the nuances in the Chinese landscape and engage with decision makers and selected companies in China that they want to work with.

Expand your China Partnerships with Momentum Works Exclusive Immersion Programme

Elevate your business strategy with our China Immersion Programme, designed for dynamic businesses with business strategies to/ from China. This exclusive programme is a gateway to understanding, connecting, and growing your networks and opportunities

What We Offer:
  • In-Depth Insights: Understanding the nuances, current challenges, and mindsets of key industries and how you can play a part.

  • Exclusive Access: Curated business visits to China's key companies in sectors like E-Commerce, Logistics, Fintech, and other groundbreaking industries. Engage with peers to discuss and understand strategies, market outlook, and collaboration opportunities.

  • Bespoke Immersions: Experience tailor-made tours in Retail, Logistics, and cutting-edge tech industries. Witness firsthand the technological advancements and business strategies that are shaping the future.

  • Network Building: Connect with key business owners and decision-makers. These interactions could pave the way for potential partnerships and clientele, expanding your business horizons.

  • Actionable Debriefs: Our programme doesn't just end with the trip. We offer detailed debriefs, helping you integrate your learnings and experiences into your business strategies, development, and partnerships.


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We are curating exclusive programmes for business groups with 3 or more participants.

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Why our programme


Exclusive business access and connections


Tailor made programme in various industries


Bring back insights and actionable strategies to your business

"This immersion trip was truly an eye opener which I have benefited tremendously. Through experiential learning, market leaders’ sharing and networking sessions, I learnt about the importance of value creation, the power of harnessing technology to transform business, the ambition and strategy to embrace the ecosystem and many more."

-  Senior Vice President at a Regional bank

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