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China Digital Leadership Immersion

Learn from the Cutting-edge Business Innovation & Next-generation Customer Experience


China is back in business. The country’s consumer businesses, already infused with tech and innovation before the pandemic, have evolved to be more innovative and competitive. When the economy matures and natural growth slows down, tech platforms and other businesses are innovating even faster to stay competitive.

Bring your leaders on this practical and experiential immersion journey into China with Momentum Academy, where you will learn the latest technological and innovation trends, converse with industry leaders and practitioners to understand the logic behind, and bring such learnings back to your business.

The immersion programme covers a selected spectrum of key topics in innovation, including business models, products, operations, and platform ecosystems (see all our modules below) . We will curate the experience based on your leader’s priorities.

The Momentum Academy curriculum facilitate discussions to provide relevant background knowledge, context and behind-the-scene stories. These will ensure the learnings can resonate directly with your unique business landscape.


The immersion programme comprises of visits, experiences, fireside chats, networking sessions and facilitated debriefs/reflections.

It is set up based on 14 modules below. We will select and curate according to your leaders’ priorities:

Module 1: Rediscovering China - Macro & business landscapes

Module 2: Customer centricity

Module 3: Business models & value propositions

Module 4: Technology

Module 5: Customer experience

Module 6: Data

Module 7: Product innovation

Module 8: Service innovation

Module 9: Operations innovation

Module 10: Platform ecosystems

Module 11: Defending your moat

Module 12: Expansion strategy - finding the new growth curve

Module 13: Sustainable growth

Module 14: Leadership, people and organisation


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