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Marketing & growth: Lessons from tech and frontier tech companies

Why do some tech companies grow faster than others? How can I grow my company faster? What are the inspirations for growth or more efficient marketing? Understand the marketing and growth strategies and execution of key tech and frontier tech players.

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In this briefing we will look at these aspects of marketing and growth along with other factors:

- Video marketing - Should we be live-streaming or putting short videos on TikTok?

- Metaverse - Shall we jump on the bandwagon or is it just a scam?

- Facebook and Google - Yes a lot of money is spent on these. Are we doing it effectively?

- Product is still the best marketing tool - How is my customer experience?

- Good old email marketing - Amazingly, everyone does it, and most do not do it effectively. There is still a lot of value to be extracted there.

- Special case study - How did this fintech company acquire more than 100 million customers in a short span of 4 years?

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