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Ecommerce: Behind Shopee’s doors

Shopee, the largest ecommerce platform in Southeast Asia, has had a few rollercoaster years.

What is certain is that Shopee is so connected in the ecommerce ecosystem - and whatever it does will be an indicator for the industry, the wider ecosystem and for companies (as well as individuals) to plan out their own strategies.

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In this briefing, we will highlight:

- Industry logic and history of Shopee - How did they grow from a late mover to the blue-eyed child of the tech industry?

- Leadership & Strategies: What strategies have they been relentlessly executing?

- Shopee’s missteps, what it did right, and should we be worried.

- Rising competition from TikTok Shop: How can TikTok Shop seriously undermine Shopee, and what can Shopee do about it?

- What to expect in 2023?: Macro outlook and our perspective about Shopee for 2023 - from the leadership, product and strategy perspective.

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